Current as of 18 May 2021

We realize that not everyone prefers the same way of learning, so we are trying to accommodate that as much as possible. Our previous article was geared around pictures and reading to walk you through how to farm for $FARM. To follow up, we have made a video that walks you through the exact same process.

This is not intended as financial advice. This is simply a tutorial to assist those that have decided to utilize our farming platform.

All tokens in this guide are from the Florence Testnet and not actual holdings.

Current as of 19 May 2021

The time has finally come! You have been patiently awaiting the time when you can use your $SOIL LP tokens to farm…$FARM! This guide exists to walk you through the process of navigating our site to begin your $FARM-ing adventure. We want to provide…

After continuously working on our front end, testing with users, building and testing $FARMing contracts, working on tokenomics and coordinating with the community, we are finally ready to announce the launch of $FARM on 20 May 2021 1000 EST

This update is JAMMED packed with information. Please read over everything…

Today we are excited to announce we have added a new developer to the team, Andrew Algard.

Andrew is a self taught with 5 years of experience as a software engineer. He started by learning how to build custom web applications for construction companies. That quickly lead to more opportunity and internships.

In 2019 he was hired on as a full time developer working as a contracted platform engineer for the United States Air Force (USAF). During that time, he has worked on products that facilitate the deployment of dozens of applications to the USAF network. Currently for the USAF, he is working on a single sign on identity management solution that is in use by thousands of military members, civilians, and contractors.

Andrew will operate as the primary front/backend developer while he dives into smart contracts and all things Tezos.

Get to know Andrew:

As Tezos ICO participants, we have waited…and waited… for tools and defi applications to come to life. Now that they are here, Tezos is exploding with applications, use cases, tokens and excitement. We want to add to that excitement and give the people what they want…$FARM.

$FARM Proof of Concept

Enter $SOIL / $FARM


You need $SOIL to make a $FARM

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